8 Simple Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network, where users are sharing and liking more photos daily. Even, more than millions of photos are shared and liked by other users.

People enjoy a lot while sharing the photos of others and share the time on Instagram. Instagram is the way to increase the brand value of yours and share it with the whole world. Here, are simple tips to get more Instagram followers:

Increase Instagram Followers

1. Share the photos where users can get connected

Instagram is the place where you can share the duplicate photos. Your shots should be real, also it should be made in all sectors of the people. Make sure the images have some emotions and need not to be perfect.

2. Connect Facebook with Instagram

You might know that Facebook bought Instagram some years ago. You must connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. You have the best opportunity to drive the Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram or it is best to buy cheap Instagram followers. You can share your real creativity which is posted on Instagram with your Facebook followers.

3. Use hashtags which are relative

You must use the popular hashtags to drive the people towards your shared images more. Twitter and Instagram is the most popular social networks, but, it is more easy to have a look at the images rather than just a simple Tweet. Use maximum 3 hashtags, as more than 3 hashtags gives a spam look to your account.

4. Filters

Instagram gained its popularity, just because of filters. As, it gives you the options to give the perfect shape to your images. You can make them look more beautiful and allow them to connect with the audience elegantly.

5. Make sure timing is perfect

Suppose you have shared the most beautiful image in the world but, you have posted at that time when no one is interested to check then it may turn out to be a disappointment for you. According to the survey, best time is to share the image is Wednesday around 5-6 PM.

6. Have a good Call to Action

You must add the good caption or a witty comment on the Instagram upload. Your call to action must be more clear than your image. As, users focus more on the call to action. It gives more exposure to your images and more exposures means more followers.

7. Follow others regularly

If someone likes you you also will like his/her account. Same medicine goes with you. Try to like more and more users and engage them with your sharings. Share more and more images in which you find some logic and interest. More activeness in the account gets you more exposure, and more exposure means more followers.

8. Combine multiple images

Suppose you get two or three images where it has set the trend. What you can do is you can combine those images and share them with the world with good captions and giving them credits. If you do so that gives you more exposure and followers.

If you are following these processes already, but not getting any effective results then you may buy real followers in Instagram to improve your visibility