4 Steps to Get More Comments on YouTube

Everyone knows YouTube is a great platform to promote your videos. In YouTube when comparing with likes and subscribers, YouTube comments are also having the same priority. YouTube comments are one of the factors which can fix the quality of your video. Not all comments will help you to promote your videos, but some quality comments that allows other users to share and interact with your videos.

If a video has lots of negative comments and definitely people will get start to avoid the video immediately. For avoid this actions you should follow the following steps to gain more positive YouTube comments or you can buy youtube comments to get popular soon. Here we will discuss some steps to get more comments on youtube.

Step 1: First of all, you have to think of your audience.Think of your youTube as the beginning of conversations. Don’t think of your youtube as your personal detailed knowledge for videos and get your audience more involved.

Step 2: Second important thing is at the end of your videos you should ask a question. It will be very simple, you can ask questions like “What did you think of this topics??” or” how did I do???” or ask a question whatever you want but that should be related to your topics.

Step 3: If you want to post a comment, you can start a discussion in the comments and respond to your comments on youtube. There is nothing wrong with posting in your own comments sections.

Step 4: In youtube uploading, the videos and comments are only the beginning. Instead of after starting a conversation and the walk, you should avoid this action and you should response to your comments on youtube.