All Time Best Segway Style Scooters

This generation of people is looking forward to the latest technology. Henceforth, self-balancing scooter attracts more audience in the short period. And also people refer the review self balancing scooter before made a purchase.

All Time Best Segway Style Scooters

Airwheel S5

It is the perfect solution for the off-road riders. The Airwheel S5 is almost similar to S3 Model. It contains the 16 inches of the wheel that will help the people to use in the rough and tough for the personal usage.

Pros – Amazing Battery Life, Contains The Safety Features, Capable of Off- Road.
Cons – The Little bit costly, Quite Heavy and Noise like an S3.

People can use this scooter up to nearly 12 mph, and the battery life of 40 miles. People can run this scooter without worry about the battery drain.

Airwheel S5 able to carry up to 265 lbs and it also has an advanced feature like a Bluetooth, Music Player, Head Light and also the Tail Light. The handlebar is portable and easy to store.

AirWheel A3

This model is the combination of Bike and Segway Scooter from the member of air wheel family. This is a little vehicle and sleek design.

Pros – Great Braking System, Anti-theft protection, Comfy Seat, Smart phone App.
Cons – It is quite expensive, Long Charge Time, Little Bit Heavy

The air wheel A3 slightly have same features like S3 and also have some additional features. This scooter has an electric brake system that helps the people to stop the bike instantly.

A Great and comfortable seat for the long trip lovers. Main advanced features called anti-theft feature can control from the user smartphone.

Battery support for the user is good as 40 miles per charge. But it takes a little bit more time of 4 hours for complete charging when compared to other scooters.

Segway i2 SE

The good quality scooter in this series. This i2 SE will be the good choice for the people who are daily driving the car. It has an elegant design and style. People will feel excellent of quality.

Pros – 19 Inches tyres, High Weight Limit, High speed.
Cons – It is the small range, High expensive scooter, Very Heavy.

It has a feature advantages like an Info key controller, safety lights with the wireless controller. It contains the speed lock facility to lock the speed.

This scooter has a 19 inches tires. This specification and features are more enough for the regular daily uses.